Parelli Workshop Series by Donna Blem

04/22/2010 - staff

Workshop Dates TBA

1629 Ranch Road, Nokomis

Getting Started –

Do you have a dream of having a true relationship with your horse? Imagine going to the gate to get your horse and he is so excited to see you that he comes running to the gate. Every problem can be solved without force when you use love, language and leadership. This is why Parelli has become the world’s leading method for preventing and solving problems with horses and establishing a true relationship. It teaches you how to see things from their perspective and to use strategies that make sense to the horse.

 About Donna -

My Journey

I have led a blessed life filled with horses and opportunities. Receiving my first pony at the age of 6 started my lifelong passion with horses, fostered by Pony Club and eventing. My experience as one of a select group of working students for 2 years at a top level Illinois Dressage/Combined Training Professional facility only fueled my enthusiasm.

After graduating from University of South Florida in 1994, I expanded my passion for horses to helping individuals with special needs by cofounding InStride Therapy. Developing InStride from a grass root business, selecting and training the horses, and completing our state of the art facility has been a long and fulfilling journey. In 2002 I started playing with the Parelli Program; it was fun and my horse seemed to enjoy it (he even forgives me for all I didn’t know!) Once I understood the Parelli Program as the foundation of proper Dressage and a true partnership with my horse, I didn’t just play with the Parelli Program I have become committed to learn even more.

Current Plans

I’m now prepared to share what I’ve learned from my journey and in the Parelli Program. I’m already excited to see my student’s progress with their horses. I plan to host limited space workshops throughout the year at InStride and for select private lessons. To actively improve my own personal horsemanship and to bring more information to my students I continue studying with Karen Rohlf, Aimee Brimhall, and Jesse Peters in as a participant in clinics and private lessons in addition to hosting clinics with Jesse.


Parelli Education –4 two week courses at Parelli Ocala facility – Level 2, Liberty and Horse Behavior, Fluidity I & II, completed 12 week Extern Program, attended 5 day 2 Star Instructor Course, participated in the Lakeland Celebration “Finesse” and was awarded a level 4 ribbon by Pat (very exciting moment!).

Aimee Brimhall – 3 six day clinics with her and another clinic at the end of this year. Her unique way of teaching has taught me the value of breaking conversations with my horse down to the smallest elements to enhance our communication.

Karen Rohlf – I was selected to work with Karen in a 6 day clinic, twice a year for several years now. In addition I take several private lessons throughout the year.

Walter Zettl – master of Classical Dressage, it was a life dream to work with Walter so when the opportunity came up I of course jumped at the chance to be in 2 different clinics with Walter.J

Jesse Peters – When I think of Jesse I consider him my Parelli Professional. He challenged me to follow my dream and has been my coach and friend every step of the way. Over the past three years I hosted 11 different clinics with Jesse and have enjoyed many individual lessons. He has guided me with open arms through any and all areas of the Parelli Program to enhance my personal horsemanship journey and professional career.

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