Becoming a Volunteer




Call or email Susannah for volunteer questions: 941-412-9333.



  1. The minimum age for volunteers is 14 and older.
  2. Please complete your Volunteer Registration and Release Form (volunteers under the age of 18 years must have paperwork signed by a parent or guardian to participate in training and volunteering) and return to InStride.
  3. Individuals must be available a minimum of 4 hour per week, the same day and time each week, to volunteer. New volunteers receive their assignment and schedule following their attendance in a volunteer orientation and training session. Volunteer assignments and schedules are based on interest, experience and availability.
  4. Volunteering in the Equine Program, Lesson Program and/or Facility involves moderate physical activity. Please be sure you are comfortable with the physical aspects of the role you select and dress accordingly.
  5. Volunteers for side walking during Hippotherapy have minimum height and lifting requirements (see Claudia) so that everyone can be safe during therapy sessions.