Hannah, Haley, Liz and Victor... Some of the 270+ HERO'S who ride at InStride every year, each with with a different condition... and ALL with smiles on their faces and moving forward every single day!

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Our riders, ages 18 months and up, come to InStride with neuro-muscular issues ranging from traumatic brain injury to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and various sensory conditions including autism and Asperser's syndrome.

At least 50% of our rider families qualify for Medicaid and InStride works hard not to turn anyone away for the inability to pay for their therapy services.

You can make a difference - for riders, our therapy horses and the 100+ volunteers, therapists and staff here at InStride. We rely on your support for more than 60% of our yearly operating funds.

Please... consider becoming an InStride supporter now!  You will join a growing number of new and old friends who have found the joy and deep satisfaction of generosity to InStride's riders.

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